IP Global Managed Services is a professional and highly efficient team of seasoned IT outsourcing experts. When it comes to taking care of your company’s managed IT needs, we have a solid track record for expert delivery, and our team knows exactly what to do. We have seen it all, and done it all, in our many years of providing services to clients, who are industry leaders in their respective fields.



Break Fix:

We provide managed IT services that include repair, upgrades or installation of system, components, peripheral equipment, networking, hardware and software. We have resources readily available around the globe; our resources are fully equipped with all the tools and required skillset.



We have carried out many successful roll out plans of software installation / up-gradation and hardware installation that have left us with many satisfied customers.

Our experience includes large scale deployments of desktops, servers, WOC, routers, switches, UPS and IP phones in Europe, Asia and Africa. We have proven our capabilities of effective and efficient management of complex and large scale roll outs involving logistics challenges, tough schedules and changing situations. Our clients admire us for our operational flexibility and ability to accommodate the changing demands of our end customers. Our ability to provide skilled labor and onsite equipment globally has won us a fan following in the shape of many loyal high end customers who won’t compromise on anything less than the best.

We assist your team during the transition and provide trainings to your employees across multiple sites prior to implementation. We ensure a smooth transition by personally overseeing the transition and by offering onsite support on the go every day.

We work with a huge variety of latest technologies and our onsite teams are adept at managing roll out plans. We can cater to the exact demands of our clients, providing multiple types of services such as hardware installation, software installation and managed service processes.


End User Computing

Our Engineers work as “Hands and Feet” for our clients. Our team provides guidance, recommendations, planning and assistance to our clients with personal computer, printer, mobile phones and other device acquisition needs. Our team also provides personal computer operating system imaging and application setup and support, including hardware installation and connectivity to the network. In addition, the hardware team provides hardware troubleshooting and repair of supported desktops, laptops and printer equipment used by client, as well as support for equipment that is already installed. We build, deploy, manage and support desktop or application environments. We manage current repository of assets and user services. Our End User Computing Services are designed in such a way to help you anywhere, anytime with any device. Our 24×7×365 support at one or multiple locations brings our clients at ease. Our End User computing services include:

·         Desktop Support

·         Hardware Support (Printers, Laptops, Scanners)

·         OS Deployment (Windows, Linux, Mac)

·         Mobile Devices (including Blackberry, Apple Devices, Android and Windows based devices)

·         Application Virtualization


Retail IT Services:

We consider ourselves best in the installation of people counter and footfall solutions for retail industry. We have the centralized highly qualified IT Support team that controls all the engineers around the globe. We provide following IT Services to the retail industry:

·         People/Traffic Counters

·         Footfall Solutions

·         Pre and Post Install Surveys

·         Maintenance/Troubleshooting

·         Hardware & Software Installation



Retainer is one highly useful form of equipment coverage that we provide to our valued clients. We have multiple SLAs and retainer contracts that we offer to our clients who hold several different IT devices at global locations. 


Data Center:

We provide on-site Data Center hardware and Software installation and troubleshooting service to our valued clients. With our Centralized highly qualified IT team remote support team, we make the activity successful. We provide following Data Center Services:

·         Router Install

·         Hardware & Software Install

·         Servers Rack/Stack & Configurations

·         Decommissioning

·         UPS Installation

·         Data Center Cabling


Service Desk:

We at IP Global have designed a Service Desk that provides utmost ease to our clients and help them in resolving technical issues and complaints of any level of complexity throughout the world.


Outsourced IT Resource (FTEs):

The most featured service at IP Global is its Outsource IT resource service. If you have a requirement of Fulltime Engineer at your premises, we provide outsourced resources whenever and wherever you need. The good thing is that we handle all HR related matters of our engineer by ourselves and let your company focus on your core business

We have Outsourced Full Time Engineers (FTEs) of different levels for many IT related roles, some of which are: Network administrators, Desktop support engineers, Desk-side Support Engineer, Cisco certified Engineers and System Engineers


Global Stock Storage:

AT IP Global we provide several locations around the globe for our valued clients to secure their IT equipment. Any stock shipped to our location will be stored safely and can be used anytime by client in the future as per need. Stock is kept so efficiently that it can be easily used for several breakfix, rollouts or any IT related issue on-site. We properly maintain inventory of our client stock on time to time basis and share that our client accordingly.


Site Surveys & Audits:

Whether you want site IT inventory or IT Audit or installation survey, our engineers are readily available around the globe to fulfill your requirement. Our engineers have extensively performed Pre & Post Installation site surveys. Our engineers are highly capable of generating site Audit reports and making inventory for valued clients.


IT Consultancy:

We are a dedicated team with considerable experience of business and technical operations in any organization.  From requirement gathering to IT infrastructure strategy, we provide a full range of consultancy services and support to help take the hassles out of your IT projects.



In current era, information technology sector is known for its quick transformation, upgradation and reconfiguration, frequent modification of IT systems and physical relocation of its equipment to fulfil operational requirements.

IMAC refers to four basic requirements of any IT sector organization named as INSTALLATIONS, MOVES, ADDITIONS and CHANGES


The term refers to the identification and installation of various devices such as: desktops, printers, laptops, servers, modems, motherboards, monitors, scanners, routers, switches servers, firewalls etc. The procedure includes the installation, customization and configuration of various hardware devices in the local network, to guarantee ideal efficiency and yield.


Relocation from one site to another site can include a considerable measure of complexities, especially when it includes moving hardware equipment and devices. IMAC services can help you move and exchange your whole IT infrastructure to another area, in a deliberate, protected and productive way.

This includes the disjoining of connections, uninstalling all devices and systems, guaranteeing appropriate packaging of all the devices and transporting them to the new office or area. This service incorporates useful testing, packaging, logistics systems and final installation of the systems and devices guaranteeing a smooth move and diminishing or wiping out downtime for all influenced staff.


To cope up with pace of progressions in the IT business world, infrastructure must be always up to date. IMAC solutions can help you with the expansion, redesigning and improvement of new equipment, including hardware like disk drives, monitors, servers, switches, routers and so on. This likewise includes moves up to whole new software platforms or the simply addition of any new set of software.


"Change" service would particularly include hardware or software modifications/replacements. This is usually required when a device or system gets to be worn out and starts performing erratically. Whether an organization needs only one or two hardware devices replaced or a complete system revamping done, adaptable and agile IMAC solution can be useful  

The procedure can in some cases incorporate system upgrades, configuration changes, data backup and recovery. Effective implementation of changes can stabilize a situation, allowing work to move from reactive firefighting to more a proactive mode, concentrated on eliminating the underlying driver and aversion of issues.

IP Global provides One-Stop solution for all your business requirements such as upgradations and relocation, our specially designed IMAC services are cost effective, flexible and completes well on time to fulfil rapidly changing organizational needs. Our global engineer network is readily available anytime and anywhere.



Internally, our company makes sure our clients get real-time and detailed reporting of all visits and projects being executed. We have fool-proof SOPs in place, ensuring timely service delivery, at a level of quality, that you can expect from the very best in the industry.