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IP Global WSaaS Solution:

IP Global specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for building and maintaining cutting-edge Wi-Fi networks. Our expertise caters to businesses of all scales, including renowned global brands and major events. By leveraging our advanced software and hardware product solution, businesses can effectively design, validate, optimize, and troubleshoot their Wi-Fi infrastructure.

One of our flagship offerings is Wireless Survey as a Service, an intuitive and user-friendly tool designed specifically for wireless engineers. Whether you’re a systems integrator or an IT administrator, WSaaS empowers you to effortlessly perform design, verification, and troubleshooting tasks for Wi-Fi networks. Compatible with both Windows laptops and tablets, as well as Mac systems running Bootcamp, WSaaS ensures seamless functionality across various devices.

A wireless site survey serves as a critical assessment to determine the viability of each individual wireless link, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for networked video transmission through a range of technologies, including mesh networks, Wi-Fi, cellular networks, and point-to-point high-bandwidth wireless backhaul.

By conducting a comprehensive wireless site survey, our team evaluates the suitability of each link, considering factors such as signal strength, interference, and environmental conditions. This meticulous analysis enables us to design and implement a robust wireless infrastructure that guarantees seamless connectivity for networked video applications.

Whether it’s establishing a mesh network, leveraging Wi-Fi connectivity, harnessing cellular networks, or deploying point-to-point high-bandwidth wireless backhaul, our wireless site surveys provide the necessary insights to optimize network performance, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted transmission of video data.

Case Study Overview:

IP Global was entrusted with the crucial task of enhancing the wireless infrastructure at the University of Birmingham Dubai, UAE. The university sought to upgrade their existing access points and signal sources, with a primary focus on optimizing signal strength, minimizing interference, and ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout their building facility.

To meet these requirements, our team executed an Access Point (AP) on stick Ekahau Site Survey, a comprehensive and meticulous process that involved assessing the existing wireless networks and strategically adding additional APs where necessary. The objective was to achieve optimal wireless coverage and performance while minimizing the need for additional equipment.

Throughout the project, IP Global provided the university with on-site engineering assistance, leveraging our expertise to facilitate the seamless integration of the upgraded technology. Additionally, our dedicated project coordinators efficiently managed the delivery of the solution, ensuring smooth project execution and timely completion.

Thanks to our commitment to excellence and proficient execution, IP Global successfully completed the project within a remarkably short time frame. The University of Birmingham Dubai, UAE now benefits from an enhanced wireless infrastructure that delivers superior coverage, performance, and reliability, setting the stage for a seamless connectivity experience for their faculty, staff, and students.

IP Global WSaaS Four Stages Approach in execution of this project:

The project at the University of Birmingham Dubai, UAE consisted of four planned stages, each serving a specific purpose to ensure a comprehensive and successful wireless infrastructure upgrade:

Stage 1: Ground Walk

During this stage, a thorough ground walk was conducted to validate the initial plan provided. If measurements were not included in the plans, the team used a laser distance meter to scale the plans accurately. Additionally, detailed photos were taken of the building’s interior and exterior to gain a comprehensive understanding of the site and identify potential mounting solutions for new access points (APs). Outside storage areas were also photographed for reference.

Stage 2: Access Point (AP) on Stick Ekahau Wireless Site Survey

The second stage involved the execution of an AP on stick Ekahau Wireless Site Survey. This survey encompassed both passive surveys for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, covering all areas within the project scope, both inside and outside the building. The Ekahau toolkit was utilized to ensure comprehensive coverage and accurate data collection.

Stage 3: Documentation and Validation

In this phase, the team marked the AP locations on a separate copy of the floor plans. Each AP was indicated with photos included as part of the survey report. This documentation phase ensured clear and precise information about the AP placements, aiding in the implementation process.

Stage 4: Proposal of Solutions

During the final stage, any problems or challenges identified during the survey were thoroughly analyzed, and suitable solutions were proposed. This proactive approach allowed for the resolution of any potential issues and ensured the successful implementation of the upgraded wireless infrastructure.

Upon the completion of all stages, a comprehensive site survey report was provided to the University of Birmingham Dubai, UAE, offering detailed insights, including AP locations, photos, and documentation. This report served as a valuable resource for the university, facilitating informed decision-making and enabling the efficient implementation of the wireless infrastructure upgrade.

IP-Global successfully addressed several challenges during the project at the University of Birmingham Dubai, UAE, demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional services and meeting client expectations:

  1. Working in Sensitive Environments: Operating in a sensitive environment like a renowned university requires utmost professionalism and adherence to strict protocols. IP-Global ensured that we provided top-notch 24/7 services while maintaining the confidentiality and security requirements of the university. Our team’s dedication and expertise contributed to a decisive victory in meeting the client’s needs.
  2. Power Outage Mitigation: As the project took place on a construction site, a major power outage occurred, posing a significant challenge to the project timeline. As a reliable service provider, IP-Global promptly arranged for a universal power supply (UPS) to be deployed, ensuring uninterrupted power to the necessary equipment. By proactively managing the power outage, we ensured the project remained on schedule, minimizing any potential disruptions.
  3. Instrument Calibration and Deployment: Working with sophisticated tools like Ekahau requires precise calibration and timely deployment. IP-Global recognized the importance of utilizing well-calibrated instruments to maintain accuracy during the survey. Despite challenges faced with the AP not being in autonomous mode, our highly skilled and professional field engineers took the initiative to convert the AP to the required autonomous mode themselves. This proactive approach showcased our technical expertise and problem-solving capabilities, ensuring the project progressed smoothly.

By addressing these challenges effectively, IP-Global demonstrated our ability to overcome obstacles and deliver high-quality services to the University of Birmingham Dubai, UAE. Our commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail contributed to the successful completion of the project within the designated timeframe.

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