Amazon Web Services

A comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform that includes a mixture of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and packaged-software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.

How IP Global Can Support

EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud

The EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is a virtual server that is fully scalable and therefore adaptable to your requirements. As a rule, the servers are not tied to a fixed contract period, but are billed by the hour, minute or even second – this allows potential customers to use the computing capacities without delay in the event of bottlenecks, without being tied to a long-term offer.

In addition to the required performance, which is graded in several tariffs, you can freely choose between Linux and Windows systems as the server operating system.

S3 Simple Storage Service

Another well-known product from Amazon’s cloud services is the file hosting service S3 (Simple Storage Service). This service represents a storage management system that theoretically offers no limit to the accessible storage capacity. You only pay for the storage space that you have used – it is easily accessed via HTTP/HTTPS in a web interface.

In addition to classic online storage, Amazon Web Services also offers virtual network drives and archiving systems. The availability of the data is guaranteed with a probability of 99.99%.

Virtual databases from the Cloud

Virtual databases from the cloud are also part of the offer. AWS differentiates between the two products SimpleDB and Relational Database Services (RDS).


Relational Database Service (RDS)

RDS is based on MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle and is billed according to the memory used and the computing power booked.

SimpleDB represents a simple solution for user-friendly management of data volumes. You can use this to store and pay for small and medium-sized data volumes in a high-performance environment. You only pay for the storage space that you have used.

Data Protection and Data Safety

Due to the mild data protection regulations in the United States compared to German and European law, Amazon’s cloud service is often criticized. In Europe, companies must be guided by the GDPR and must comply with it – even if they use AWS. Because the responsibility for the security of the data and applications in the cloud lies with the companies themselves. If you fear difficulties in implementing the GDPR, please contact us. We support you in any case.

Pros of Using IP Global for Deploying AWS


You only pay for what you actually use: Upfront investments are eliminated


AWS allows access to computing and storage resources anytime, which can be expanded and contracted as needed.

Global Network

AWS is currently available worldwide with 69 availability zones within 22 regions and plans to add more zones.


The AWS services offer a lot of automation potential, for example to automate work processes.


AWS offers a reliable infrastructure that is constantly being maintained and improved.


AWS cares about the protection and security of your data.