IT Outsourcing

Providing Subject Matter Experts and large support teams to effectively
deliver your d2d business processes.

Round The Clock IT Outsourcing

Whether it is Nearshoring, offshoring or onshoring all types of outsourcing have one thing in common, they involve hiring a third party outside of a company to handle certain business activities.

At IP GLOBAL we provide round the clock IT outsourcing service to businesses.

Your business will function round the clock thanks to the time difference between the in-house global team and the outsourcing vendor’s team.

IT Outsourcing Services
That We Offer

IT outsourcing is beneficial to you as an organization because you get access to high quality services at better prices. Furthermore, you also have access to better skills.

Software and Application Development

Infrastructure Solution

Website/Application Maintenance or Management

Database Development and Management


Technical Support

IT Outsourcing Models

Staff Augmentation

It is a strategy for filling skill gaps that allows businesses to hire top-level specialists for short- or long-term projects while also being able to avoid the costs of hiring new full-time workers.

Project-Based Outsourcing

Clients refer to project outsourcing meaning that they would like to partner with vendors that have exclusive expertise that is lacking in-house and delegate a part of functions to them.

Dedicated Team

Clients who are interested in long term co-operation because their projects require a significant volume of work. Within the dedicated team model, the vendor provides you with full time staff required to complete your project.

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

DDC is an outsourcing model in which a company locates its dedicated resources in a different country in order to gain access to larger talent pools and benefit from lower labor costs and/or taxes, while maintaining full control over the work process.

Our Global Talent Pool

Global talent pool provides an opportunity to reach out to experts that may be missing or not available locally. Find bilingual specialists in our talent pool. Working with IP Global eliminates the time-consuming recruitment, interviewing, selection and trailing of new internal employees.

What We Offer

  • Reduced Expenses
  • Access to Global Talent Pool
  • Significant Time Savings
  • Ability to Upscale Fast
  • Uninterrupted Workflow