Why Should You Switch to IP Global?

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Understand How We Work!

At IP Global, we prioritize a seamless, efficient, and transparent operational model. Our internal processes are designed to ensure optimal results for our clients and foster a culture of continual improvement within our teams. Here’s a snapshot of our typical workflow:

Client Engagement & Consultation
– Initial client contact through dedicated representatives.
– Understand the client’s business model, challenges, and technological needs.
– Documentation of client requirements for clarity and reference

Plan Formulation
– Subject Mater Experts (SMEs) dive deep to curate tailored solutions based on client needs.
– Service Delivery team outlines the implementation strategy.
– Feedback loops incorporated for internal reviews and modifications.

– For specialized projects, our recruiting team sources specific skill sets to ensure the job is
done right.
– Orientation and onboarding of new talent to align with the project’s  demands.

Implementation & Execution
– NOC and SOC teams take the helm for technical deployment and security considerations.
– Regular check-ins and status updates maintained to keep all stakeholders informed.

Quality Assurance
– Post-implementation, a dedicated QA team assesses the solutions for any discrepancies or areas of improvement.
– Immediate rectification measures are taken wherever necessary.

Ongoing Support
– Our 24/7 support system, comprising the best of our NOC and SOC teams, ensures any post-deployment issues are promptly addressed.
– Regular maintenance checks are scheduled to preempt any potential hiccups.

Review & Learning
– At the conclusion of each project, teams convene to discuss what went well and areas of improvement.
– Insights are documented for future reference, fostering a culture of continuous learning and refinement.
IP Global’s internal process is a testament to our commitment to excellence, our desire for consistent evolution, and our dedication to ensuring our clients get nothing but the best.

Our Onboarding Process

Our easy 6 Step onboarding process, making it efficient for you to raise your issue to be resolved.

Step 1

Discovery & Assessment

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Step 2

Compliance & SLA

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Step 3


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Step 4

Planning & Preparations

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Step 5

KPI Reporting

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Step 6


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