Microsoft Azure

Managing your public cloud adoption.

We Support Your Business with Microsoft Azure

When it comes to data management, IP Global uses Azure Data Explorer to give data-exploration capabilities and big data analytics to a range of internet users.

An end-to-end managed, holistic Microsoft Azure experience Increasingly, the market demands high development speed and innovative strength from companies. IT systems are also not excluded from this development. Therefore you need a platform that allows you to realize your ideas quickly. Our cloud service for Azure offers you this service. Due to the modular end-to-end approach, this enables both the provision of the latest Azure technologies and the modernization of entire company areas and IT landscapes.

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At IP Global, we use Microsoft Azure to build, test, deploy, and manage services and applications through the data centers managed by Microsoft. Our experts will help you with programming languages and different tools and frameworks through Microsoft Azure.


  • Market leading public cloud provider
  • Software, platform, and infrastructure ‘As a service’
  • Flexible, reliable, scalable, secure
  • Pay-per-use commercial model
  • Consider the migrate and manage issues

Migration and Deployment

Get started quickly on the Azure cloud and migrate workloads with minimal risk.

Transformation & Development

The modernization and improvement of your applications or the development of your next own solution.

Management & Scaling

The integration of your cloud environment with your on-premises data centers. We help to reduce complexity and achieve faster innovations in the way.