Wireless Survey as a Service

IP Global & Ekahau: Sculpting Perfect Wireless Landscapes for Your Business.

Why is a Wireless Site Survey Needed?

A wireless site survey is crucial in ensuring that your wireless network provides optimal coverage and performance. By conducting a site survey, you can identify and mitigate issues such as dead zones, interference, and other factors that may impact network performance. This can help you to improve user experience, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.

At IP Global, we leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of the Ekahau device to conduct comprehensive wireless surveys. Understanding the critical role that robust and reliable wireless networks play in today’s connected businesses, we employ Ekahau’s advanced technology to map out optimal access point placements, identify interference sources, and ensure a seamless connectivity experience. Our wireless survey using Ekahau delivers a holistic view of your wireless environment, paving the way for a network that’s both efficient and resilient. Choose IP Global and be confident in a wireless infrastructure that’s tailored to your unique business needs.

Our Wireless Site Survey Services using Ekahau

At IP Global, we specialize in conducting wireless site surveys using Ekahau. Our team of certified wireless engineers has years of experience in designing and implementing wireless networks for a variety of clients across different industries.

Type of Site Survey We Offer :

Predictive Surveys

They are performed before moving to a new space. The goal of predictive site survey is to determine where to place APs for the best performance throughout the area.

Active Surveys

Active surveys are focused on a specific signal or set of signals while the network is in full operation.

These measurements include signal strength, throughput, round-trip time, packet loss and retransmission rate throughout the area where signal is used.

Passive Surveys

They collect information from all the signals in the environment after the site is built.

The goal of the passive survey is to report on all signals at each location, including the installed network and signals from neighboring sites or other devices that generate noise at wireless frequencies.

Our Wireless Site Survey Services Include:

Pre-Survey Planning:

We work with you to understand your specific requirements, such as the number of users, the types of devices being used, and the location of the wireless network.

Site Survey:

Using Ekahau software, we conduct a thorough wireless site survey to evaluate network coverage and identify areas with poor signal strength or interference.

Design and Optimization:

Based on the data collected during the site survey, we design and optimize the wireless network to meet your specific needs.


We provide detailed reports that outline our findings and recommendations, including a coverage map and suggested access point placement.

Post-Survey Support:

We provide ongoing support to ensure that your wireless network continues to perform optimally.

We are authorized Ekahau Partners and Resellers Globally

Our best seller package is Ekahau Connect which is  currently the most comprehensive WiFi measurement product available in the market .

  • Software Ekahau Pro, (planning, radio coverage and reporting),
  • Ekahau Sidekick (hardware for measurement including spectrum analyzer) and,
  • Ekahau Subscription (maintenance contract – includes all software updates and upgrades)

If you are looking to conduct a wireless site survey, our team of certified wireless engineers can help. Contact us today to learn more about our wireless site survey services using Ekahau and how we can help you optimize your wireless network.