End User IT Support

Our first-line support services are tailored to companies like yours.

Services That Meet All Your Needs

Our ITIL Certified Team will be the first line of defense to assist users for any IT Issues & Disruptions. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help you manage your digital workspaces, increase productivity, and streamline your IT operations.
We specialize in simplifying complex IT landscapes, empowering businesses to maximize productivity while ensuring security and accessibility. Explore our cutting-edge solutions that bridge the gap between people and technology, transforming the way organizations work and collaborate. Join us on the journey to redefine the standards of modern end user computing.

Option 1

Managed Service Desk

  • Our managed service desk solutions deliver end-user support on behalf of your internal resources, which minimizes the engagement of the internal resources.
  • IP Global NOC/SOC team will be engaged to manage and monitor the services from back-end, keep the services up and running, we engage the relevant engineer for on-site support to keeping the operations running, reports will be shared on monthly basis.
  • If you don’t want internal resources tied up delivering end-user support, you can leverage our fully managed service desk solution.

Remote Monitoring and Resolution Solution

  • NOC/SOC team to provide back-end monitoring support
  • Target Smooth Operations and keep the services up and running
  • Proactive measures for issue rectification and enhancement

On-Site FE Engagement

  • Field Engineer will be engaged on-site for support whenever required Back-end NOC/SOC team will be engaged to the on-site engineer to fulfill any task and requirement

Back-End Operations and Support Team to Shadow the Task, Client Engagement and Reporting

  • OPS team book the task and engage the relevant engineer for On-Site Engagement Ensure that client is fully updated on the task and rectify any reported issue.

Field Engineer On-Site Engagement

  • Field Engineer engages to provide on-site support to the Remote Engineer
  • Field Engineer may also be engaged to fulfill any IT Task to furnish and up the service
  • New Installations and dismantle old hardware Establish connectivity on network etc

Option 2

Supported Service Desk

  • Our flexible and reliable IT support services helps you continue managing your service desk by offering you adequate and relevant resources.
  • If you’re spending a lot of time finding and maintaining the right resource level and skill sets, you can leverage our flexible IT support services.
  • IP Global OPS team will be engaged to manage the IT Service Desk requests. Engage the relevant engineer to fulfill the task and share the SVR report by the end of the service completion

Advantages of Using Our IT Support Service

  • Our end user IT support comes in handy when you need to see and address your customer’s challenges with your services or products.

  • Our team of professionals are always on the frontline to assist you extend your end user IT support.
  • We have an experienced and dedicated team that is very conversant with the market demands and can efficiently address your customer’s issues.
  • You can customize your own IT service.
  • IP Global enables you access professional skills and resources in order to add value.

End User Support

  • 1st line support
  • Problem resolution
  • Incident Management
  • Thrid Party Escalation
  • Service Request Fuliflment
  • User Device Support

What Will You Get Based On Choosing End User IT Support?

  • Complete IMAC/R/D-Processes (Install, Move, Add & Change as well as Remove & Dispose.

  • Our Smooth hardware changes, system upgrades or moves without disrupting your day-to-day operations.
  • Supervision of warranty cases and repairs as well as proper disposal of hardware including data deletion.
  • Highly experiences rollout team.
  • Standardized processes certified according to ISO 20000.