Workspace Services

Conduct your work from anywhere at any time.

Benefits of WaaS

The basic functioning of Workspace as a Service revolves around delivering flexible workspaces from the WaaS provider’s remote cloud environment to the endpoint devices of the customers

We Offer:

  • Work From Anywhere
  • Get Secure Digital Workspace
  • Reduced Office Costs
  • Customized Workspace solution

Workspace as a Service (WaaS) is surely set to become the new mode of working in the coming years. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a crucial role to play in the increased adoption of WaaS due to the necessity of an efficient remote working environment during these times

How We Can Help

IP Global takes away complexity for clients and comprises pre-defined integrations with add-on applications. It
provisions the workloads and gives your employees a secure space to collaborate with clients and internal teams
from any device or location.

  • With ACE, you can enhance how teams work by unifying apps and improve productivity by streamlining remote workflows.
  • Be free of security risks with a cloud-delivered workspace as a service by implementing zero-trust models and role-based access, and more.
  • Modernize IT workloads with WaaS and virtual desktops, and let your IT team work in modern, consumer-like cloud desktops.

Why Should You Opt For Work Space Services?

Workspace service proves to be beneficial for several use cases. Let’s have a closer look at Workspace as a service use cases:

To Support Remote Work

The remote work model has rolled out the adoption of cloud technologies in the last few years. Firms need a digital work environment to ensure employees can communicate and manage without hassles. Workspace lays the ground for firms to hire talent from around the globe.

To Ensure Greater Security

Studies say ‘49% of all corporate data is stored in the cloud. Having WaaS is just like a consolidated WAN solution that can securely support BYOD and unmanaged devices. It is a fully integrated solution that provides secure access to IT sanctioned apps for local internet breakouts. Businesses with sensitive information can ensure that data is secure and accessible only by concerned team members. This allows cross-organizational teams such as sales or research teams to benefit from a single working environment that connects common resources and disparate workflows.

To Manage Contract Workers

When a workforce operates from different locations, it becomes difficult for the IT leaders to offer them collective resources to complete any work. Deploying WaaS can help you unlock the power of cloud so that there are no unstructured workflows. Moreover, this scalable solution makes it easier to employ freelancers and contractors as you can manage scattered workflows and applications from a central location.