Rate Card & SOW

Rate Card & SOW

IPG will share the best economical & competitive rates to its service partners and acknowledge the service requests based on the client’s requirement.

Once the rates are aligned with the clients, we share the detailed SOW to be signed & approved.

The PO can be then initiated by the client.

Summary of IP Global Infra Management

  • Minimizing risks such as downtime and breaches through out-of-hours back-up and patching.
  • Access to the self-service portal to access and request service reports and allow logging incidents.
  • IP Global maintains and supports your IT infrastructure platform round the clock.
  • We integrate and deploy management tools for leading industries.
  • Add flexibility and scale to your business.
  • IP Global comprehensively analyzes usage and capacity to assist in sizing and planning your environment before an issue emerges.

Frequently asked Questions

What is infrastructure management?

Infrastructure management is the maintenance and upkeep of IT environments. It often includes change, patch and security management. Some businesses choose to outsource the management of their infrastructure as it requires close attention and internal IT teams often prefer to focus on innovative IT solutions rather than business as usual maintenance.

What are the components of infrastructure management?

The common components of infrastructure management are patch management, change management, asset management, capacity management, security management and on occasion, supplier management.

Why is infrastructure management important?

Infrastructure management requires frequent attention. Patching, updating, securing and monitoring performance are all key to keeping the business running. If left unattended, infrastructure environments will inevitably fail, costing the business time, money and reputational damage.

What causes poor infrastructure?

Poor infrastructure is often the result of poor planning and maintenance. Your infrastructure will impact which tools your employees can use, often creating or preventing competitive advantage. Poor maintenance results in security vulnerabilities and reduced
performance, holding the business back from performing at its best.